SLEEP…It is not optional!

Hello everyone, please take a moment and read what can happen if you’re not making sleep a priority.  Studies have shown that not getting enough SLEEP can be just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated! 

Think about that.  

Regardless of what you do or where you work on the department, SLEEP must be incorporated into your daily routine.  If you need assistance or strategies to help you get a good nights sleep, please call us at the Employee Wellness Section (EWS).                                 

Take care and stay safe, 

Rob & Luther

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Monthly Wellness Spotlight (July)

Hey all,

The Wellness Section has created a new objective in recognizing department members and specific units/sections within our organization.  This month’s spotlight focuses on two patrol officers who have dedicated their entire career to patrol.  They both shared some strategies on how they overcome the stressors patrol can sometimes offer.

Check out the below link to read the full article.

Crooks and Hall

Monthly Wellness Spotlight (July)

Dogwatch Difficulties

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For those of us that have spent an extensive amount of time working dogwatch, we all know that it can make many aspects of our life and wellness suffer.  This article from PoliceOne serves as a good reminder of how we can try to stay healthy and happy while working difficult hours.  Of course these concerns and tips apply to all employees who work these difficult hours.

8 tips for cops working the graveyard shift

If you need help with any of the wellness issues discussed in the article, please reach out to the Employee Wellness Unit for assistance.

IACP on Sleep Deprivation

If you have attended this year’s wellness portion of in-service training, you likely understand the importance of sleep.  As a reminder of the impacts of sleep, check our our previous blog posting on the subject which includes much of the information covered during in-service.  Importance of Sleep in Law Enforcement

The International Association of Chiefs of Police has recently produced a great infographic that covers many of the issues of sleep in law enforcement and how they impact us and our families.

“While sleep deprivation is not exclusive to law enforcement, it is often amplified due to the unique stressors of the job and shift work. Sleep is essential to maintain and repair bodily functions and systems. Sleep, or lack of, has effects on all functions of the mind and body, which not only affects an officer’s job, but also family wellness.”

Please take the time to review this information.  If you lead a group of employees who are impacted by irregular sleeping patterns, please make this a topic of conversation.  If you need any assistance or resources, please contact the Employee Wellness Unit.

Law Enforcement Marriage Seminar

On Saturday, July 21st from 0800-1630, Badge of Hope is presenting “Battle Behind the Badge”, a law enforcement marriage seminar.  This is the 4th annual event and is open to police employees and their families.  Tickets range from $20-$30 and includes lunch.

Badge of Hope 2018 Poster

Event Location

Lenexa Baptist Church
15320 W 87th St Pkwy, Lenexa, KS 66219

Event Information

This seminar will address several issues that make our relationships challenging due to the demands of our profession. We recognize the fact that if an officer is experiencing trouble at home, it will eventually affect the work he/she is doing within the department.  Problems such as depression, lack of concentration and elevated stress from a broken marriage can lead to alcohol abuse, drug abuse, domestic violence and even suicide.  It is our desire to offer hope and peer support to our law enforcement and give them simple tools to combat the issues.

This event will feature nationally-renowned Deputy Jonathan Parker of Hamilton County, TN, Captain Jim Sutterby of Overland Park, KS PD as well as a breakout session just for the gals by author/speaker/LEOW Kristi Neace with Badge of Hope Ministries.

We have large group sessions, 2 breakout sessions with 3 options per session and a powerful ending to the seminar. Registration is now open for tickets at:

Learn to Pause: Mindfulness and Meditation for First Responders

If you missed this recent training by Kim Colegrove that was hosted at the Regional Police Academy, it is being held again on Friday, March 30, 2018 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM at the Johnson County Mental Health Center, 1125 W Spruce St, Olathe, KS 66061.  For more information and to register, CLICK HERE.

Course Description

LEARN TO PAUSE: Mindfulness and Meditation for First Responders. Presented by Kim Colegrove, founder of The PauseFirst Project: Mindfulness for First Responders, in collaboration with Johnson County Mental Health Center.



Please join us at Johnson County Mental Health Center on Friday, March 30th for a 4-hour block of training. Learn the evidence-based benefits of mindfulness and meditation, and discover how to use these powerful tools to mitigate stress, regulate emotions, and improve overall health.

This course was designed specifically for First Responders by the spouse of a retired First Responder and has been presented at the Kansas City Regional Police Academy.

*Law enforcement professionals from the Missouri side, please note: This course is Missouri POST Certified (4 hours I/P).

Questions? Contact Kim Colegrove:

Learn more about The PauseFirst Project at:

New Directions Webinars for 2018

New Directions EAP Free Webinar Schedule 2018

The above link includes the schedule and directions for viewing webinars through the New Directions website.  If you need the company code, contact the Employee Wellness Unit, or refer to the Employee Wellness Resource Guide on the internal website.

The webinars can also be viewed through the New Directions EAP mobile app.  You also need to enter the KCPD company code, click on “view resources”, and then click on webinars.  The most current webinar appears first.  There is also a link to over 60 free archived webinars covering nutrition, stress, finances, parenting, and much more.

The following is a list of webinar topics:

  • Banishing Bullying
  • Bringing More Balance Into Your Life
  • Budgeting Basics – The Key To Becoming Financially Healthy (Certificate)
  • Budgeting Basics – The Key to Becoming Financially Healthy
  • Caregiver Readiness: Are you up for the Challenge?
  • Caring for Elders At Home
  • Communicating with Your Partner
  • Communication Skills – Beyond Words!
  • Dealing with Change From the Inside Out
  • Dealing with Grief and Loss
  • Developing Exemplary Emotional Intelligence
  • Eat Your Way to Better Health
  • Eat Your Way to Better Health
  • Effective Conflict Management in the Workplace
  • Elder Law Basics
  • Emotional Composure – Remaining Unruffled & Dynamic Under Stress
  • Estate Planning for Digital Assets
  • Family Systems & Family Communication
  • Finding Your Balance
  • Finding Your Balance : 8 Secrets
  • Goal Setting For Your Best Year Yet!
  • Goal Setting for Life
  • Involvement and Engagement
  • It’s My Budget And I’m Sticking To It
  • Looking Ahead: Planning and Preparedness
  • Love Languages
  • Making Self-Care A Priority
  • Managing Money With Your Partner
  • Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits
  • Money Basics
  • Money Basics: Spending, Borrowing and Saving It
  • New Year… New You – 10 Financial Resolutions You Can Actually Keep
  • Parenting Using Personality Profiles
  • Parenting Using Personality Styles
  • Paying for College
  • Personal Responsibility: Setting the Example for Your Child
  • Planning for Long-term Care
  • Planning for Long-term Care – Seven Steps to Protect Your Independence
  • Practicing Gratitude to Produce Happiness
  • Quality of Life
  • Ready, Set, Relax
  • Realize Your Resilience
  • Redefining the Modern Family
  • Rejuvenating Your Retirement Plan
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Retirement Redefined
  • Special Needs and Disability Planning
  • Surviving and Enjoying the Six Stages of Parenting
  • The Benefits of Mindfulness
  • The Power of Positive Self-Talk
  • The Science of Happiness
  • The Three Nevers of Parenting
  • The Top Ten Estate Planning Mistakes
  • The Truth About Estate Planning
  • Upcoming Webinars
  • What Are My Kids Doing Online?
  • What Colleges Really Look For
  • Why Life Transition Planning is Important for Everyone
  • Work/Life Goal Setting
  • Workplace Bullying

30 Day Challenge Ideas

As a follow up to our previous post on 30 Day Challenges, we will look at some options when it comes to utilizing this idea to change a habit or develop a new habit to improve your wellness.  These are just ideas, so you can use these for inspiration in developing your own challenge.  It could be something as simple as not drinking carbonated beverages during your work shift.

12 30-Day Challenges That Will Change Your Life

In this article from Inc. Magazine, they discuss several ideas for challenging yourself to grow in a variety of areas.

Physical Wellness Challenges

This website from Darebee provides many ideas for simple 30 day challenges to improve your physical wellness.  There are also several challenges that focus on mindfulness.  This website allows you to print out these challenges.  This is a simple way to get started on developing a fitness habit.  Most of these are entry level movements, and can easily be completed by someone with little to no experience or established fitness level.

Find something that works for you.  A 30 day challenge is the perfect way to make a healthy change for you and your family.  Try to find something to improve your sleep, fitness, or diet.  After 30 days, it could easily develop into a habit.

If you need help, ideas, or resources please contact the Employee Wellness Unit.

2017 Line of Duty Deaths

While we lost too many law enforcement officers in 2017, there was a positive trend with having 10% fewer deaths than in 2016.  The loss of 128 officers in 2017 marks a four year low, and the second lowest number since 1959.

The leading cause of death continues to be traffic-related, with 47 deaths in 2017.  The second leading cause of death was firearms-related, with 44 deaths.

Let’s continue this trend by focusing on the Below 100 Tenets: