Building Financial Strength for LEO Families: Intro & Budgeting

As a police officer, you spend a ton of time training to ensure your safety on the job. But what about your financial safety? In this video, Nick Daugherty breaks down how to become financially secure through smart budgeting. This is the first of a seven part series on financial planning for cops. 

Nick Daugherty is a retired Sergeant from the Grand Prairie, Texas PD and has taught thousands of officers how to build financial strength by living a debt-free lifestyle and building wealth through proper savings and retirement planning. He’s also coached hundreds of families on how to get out of debt and navigate financial crises. He additionally manages retirement assets for numerous first responders, from line police and fire personnel all the way up to numerous police and fire chiefs. Contact Nick Daugherty or follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Check out the video in the above link for a quick introduction and lesson on budgeting.  This is the first in several videos on financial strength for law enforcement.

There are many options available for creating a budget on paper or free web/app based platforms.  If you would like to sit down with someone to review or discuss your financial circumstances, you can contact the Employee Wellness Unit.  We have many resources available through our wellness library, EAP, personal experiences, and online services.  We can help with budgeting, debt reduction strategies, retirement planning, and much more.

If you are not participating in deferred compensation or saving in another retirement investment platform, PLEASE contact the Employee Wellness Unit to discuss your financial picture.

Contact Civ. Rob Blehm at or Captain Justin Kobolt at to set up an appointment or ask a question.