SLEEP…It is not optional!

Hello everyone, please take a moment and read what can happen if you’re not making sleep a priority.  Studies have shown that not getting enough SLEEP can be just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated! 

Think about that.  

Regardless of what you do or where you work on the department, SLEEP must be incorporated into your daily routine.  If you need assistance or strategies to help you get a good nights sleep, please call us at the Employee Wellness Section (EWS).                                 

Take care and stay safe, 

Rob & Luther

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Monthly Wellness Spotlight (July)

Hey all,

The Wellness Section has created a new objective in recognizing department members and specific units/sections within our organization.  This month’s spotlight focuses on two patrol officers who have dedicated their entire career to patrol.  They both shared some strategies on how they overcome the stressors patrol can sometimes offer.

Check out the below link to read the full article.

Crooks and Hall

Monthly Wellness Spotlight (July)

Eating on the Beat: Hidden Dangers

cops eating

Hey guys check this article out, it discusses several options on how to tactfully eat while on patrol!

“When you start feeling the effects of long hours spent on patrol without a solid meal, you face a real job hazard. Poor food choices — combined with stress, erratic sleeping habits, often unpredictable conditions and other factors unique to police work — can take a toll on officers’ health over time, in the form of depression and disease.”

Please contact the Wellness Section if you would like assistance with meal planning.   816-459-4329 or 816-213-9103




Financial Mistakes that Cops Make

5 excuses cops make about their financial mistakes

Hey guys check out this article that addresses financial mistakes often made by police officers! Also, this article was written by a financial coach that is a police officer who personally experienced financial hardships.  

  • I’ll just work more overtime.
  • I don’t trust anyone.
  • I’m embarrassed.
  • I can do it myself.
  • I deserve [insert thing you don’t actually deserve here].

Please reach out to the Wellness Section if you would like information on financial budgeting. (816) 459-4329


Managing Police Stress

“Officers must accept that stress is taking a toll on their lives so they can take steps to mediate and reduce the adverse effects it has on them and their families.” 

The below link offers insight on how police officers can manage stress from the job, promoting healthy professional and personal relationships.  The following topics are discussed in the link:

  • Types of Stress Officers Face
  • How Stress Hurts Law Enforcement Families
  • How to Improve Family Life
  • Hobbies and Activities
  • Friendships outside the Force

Building Financial Strength in LEO Families: Pensions, Investing, and Retirement Accounts


In part 5 of his video series, Nick Daugherty briefly discusses the topic of pensions, investing, and retirement accounts. He discusses some important things to think about when considering investment decisions to supplement you pension.

A key takeaway is that we need to focus on earning interest, rather than paying interest.  In other words…get out of debt, so that you can start growing your retirement savings drastically.

If you would like to discuss your personal situation, please contact the Employee Wellness Unit.  We would love to offer you some resources, help teach you how to set a budget, and develop  a plan for reducing debt.  We all will retire before we know it, and by getting our personal finances in order soon, we can focus on living the retirement dream that we all have earned and deserve.

The Employee Wellness Unit has several copies of Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makever, which covers many of the issues discussed by Nick Daugherty.  If you’d like to borrow a copy, please contact us.

Check out this quick video of part 5 for more information:

See the other parts of this series at the below links:

Part 1: Intro and Budgeting

Part 2: Will and Estate Planning

Part 3: Debt

Part 4: Life Insurance

Nick Daugherty is a retired Sergeant from the Grand Prairie, Texas PD and has taught thousands of officers how to build financial strength by living a debt-free lifestyle and building wealth through proper savings and retirement planning. He’s also coached hundreds of families on how to get out of debt and navigate financial crises. He additionally manages retirement assets for numerous first responders, from line police and fire personnel all the way up to numerous police and fire chiefs. Contact Nick Daugherty or follow him on Facebook and Twitter.